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Serving Montgomery County, MD

About Petite Physio and Wellness

Personalized physical therapy in the convenience of your home

At Petite Physio and Wellness, we believe in providing exceptional, personalized care to our patients seeking to improve their physical health and well-being. We understand that it can be challenging to find time in your busy schedule to make it to a physical therapy appointment. That's why we bring the therapy session to you. We offer the convenience of in-home appointments, allowing you to receive expert physical therapy treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own surroundings.


What We Specialize In




Pregnancy and Postpartum Care


Dry Needling


Pelvic Health


Our Mission

At Petite Physio and Wellness, we empower individuals through personalized in-home physical therapy, optimizing movement and well-being throughout orthopedic rehabilitation, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery. 

Our Approach

By being cash-based and out of network with insurance companies, we eliminate the constraints and limitations often imposed by insurance providers. This allows us to focus entirely on our patients' well-being rather than navigating insurance bureaucracy. Our clients benefit from personalized treatment plans, longer and more frequent sessions, and direct access to our specialized services without the need for referrals or pre-authorizations. This model ensures that we can deliver comprehensive, effective, and efficient care, helping our clients achieve optimal recovery and health outcomes.

Katy is THE BEST. She has an amazing fund of knowledge when it comes to muscular anatomy and function and she translates that knowledge with perfection so as to guide and instruct her clients in their pursuit of improved strength, stability, and function.

- H.

Katy is amazing!!! She listens to all my concerns, walks me through each exercise step by step, and helps me target the correct muscles. She is the best physical therapist for postpartum, diastasis recti treatment and pelvic floor dysfunction. I feel relieved to have finally found someone who is helping.

- K.

Katy Castell is gentle, respectful and very knowledgeable about the human body. We tell her all our aches - and she knows just how to help loosen us up and ease the pains! We Katy!

- R.

Katy Castell is AMAZING. She’s provided physical therapy for me and several members of my family and we have had remarkable recoveries.

- B.

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